This is s-bucks

Welcome. We strove to post swag codes as fast as possible. We also provide instagc codes, zoombucks codes, and irazoo codes. Stop by the chat to ask a question or for tips.

All good things come to an end and s-bucks will be closing soon. I'm sure you would have noticed for most of 2016, there was a severe lack of posts and content. The reason for that was a lack of staff and I was not able to find replacements in time. The chat was also dead for the most time which was a bit discouraging to those that were already here.

This site initially was founded as an alternative to another code site and despite the struggles, I kept it alive to experiment. As real life pressed on me though, I was unable to stay online as much as I wanted to so I had to leave. The staff and I paid for the site out of pocket and in reality, we were just throwing money into a hole because we were unable to attract new visitors. I had a fun time managing the site and fighting the attacks that happened often when we were at the peak.

I want to thank slappysquirrel for her commitment to posting offers, asahi and gma for staying along, and the rest of the old members that used to be here. I would like to provide some alternatives so that you can continue to get codes and chat elsewhere.

  • has loads of people that include Asahi and GMA who are almost always there as well.
  • is far stricter than sc-s but post codes faster than they do.

Final words from the staff:
Asahi says "sorry we couldn't keep this site running for you guys not like many of you care but whatever"
Gma is sad.
Admin says "GG it's been a good run."